We need volunteers every year to help make PAW possible. We cannot understate how important our volunteers are, so if you want to to help us out, we likely have something for you. There are multiple areas where volunteers may be placed dependant on need, examples include:

Convention Operations (Con Ops)
Events & Panels
Loading-in / Loading-out

—Loading-in / Loading-out—

This phase occurs the day before, and the last day of the convention. Volunteers are counted as having two hours for each hour worked during Loading-in and Loading-out. Loading-in happens before the convention begins. This is where we set up areas of our convention space such as stages, lights, headless lounges, registration areas, and everything else that the convention puts together is prepared during this phase. Loading-out happens on the last day of the convention after the Dead Dog Dance has ended. This is the reverse of Loading-in.

What to expect as a volunteer

The volunteer application form allows us to get some basic information from you including how to contact you, skills you have, and how much time you have to volunteer, etc. The needs of the convention guide where volunteers ultimately get placed, thus volunteer assignments go through the convention operations department. Volunteers will have scheduled group meetings on zoom prior to the convention to learn about the departments and gain knowledge on performing tasks, as well as give input for scheduling shifts during the convention.

Apply to be a Volunteer!


Earn goodies and a FREE MEMBERSHIP for the following year!
(Please read Volunteer and Staffing Policies below)

Volunteer and Staffing Policies

  • Normal registration fees apply for the initial year.
  • Volunteers earn a Grub Social penny after 4 hours contribution, and a standard level membership after 8 hours contribution, or a 2nd tier level membership after 12 hours contribution to the con.
  • Staff are designated by being leads, supervisors, and by taking active part in staff planning. All other positions will be considered volunteer.
  • All members MUST sign in and sign out each shift at Con Ops. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of those hours worked.
  • Hours worked for loading-in or loading-out count as double time (i.e. 2 hours worked = 4 hours).
  • Free membership is valid for the following year at the registration level corresponding to the hours worked.