Panels will be in 2 sets of rooms. San Martin, and San Carlos. The location is in the below diagram showing where panels, Lan party, and Registration is.

The most current up to date panel schedule is listed below.

Want to know more about each panel? Panel info is listed directly after the schedule

Friday Panel Schedule

Time San Martin Room San Carlos Room
6pm Tabletop Roleplaying Game Design
7pm Tabletop Roleplaying Game Design IRL Lap Dancing 101
8pm Navigating Publishing IRL Lap Dancing 101
9pm navigating Publishing
10pm It Came From The Slush Pile
11pm It Came From The Slush Pile

Saturday Panel Schedule

Time San Martin Room San Carlos Room
10m Furry Author & Publisher Meet & Greet Pokemon/Digimon Meet & Greet
11am Furry Author & Publisher Meet & Greet Starts 11:30-Printmaking & Rubberstamp Creation with GOH
Noon World Building Printmaking & Rubberstamp Creation with GOH
1pm World Building Ends 1:30-Printmaking & Rubberstamp Creation with GOH
2pm 2 Old Furry Fans Q&A-Ends at 3:30 Drunk Lawyers AMA
3pm Starts at 3:30 Clap Your Paws & Swing That Tail: Intro To Lindy Hop 90s Cartoons: Rude, Radical, & Rediculous-Ends 4:30
4pm Clap Your Paws & Swing That Tail: Intro To Lindy Hop Starts 4:30-Macro/Micro Meet & Greet
5pm Reception Setup Starts 5:30-Try Not To Laugh: Bay Area Edition
6pm Cocktail Reception Try Not To Laugh: Bay Area Edition
7pm Cocktail Reception 50 Years Of Disney's Robbin Hood
8pm Prep For underPAW Prep For underPAW
9pm Prep For underPAW Prep For underPAW
10pm-2am underPAW underPAW

Sunday Panel Schedule

Time San Martin Room San Carlos Room
Noon Animation Production 101
1pm Animation Production 101

90's Cartoons: Radical, Rude and Ridiculous. 
The 90's were a fun time, and on Saturday mornings you'd plunk down and watch some rad cartoons. Now after all these years do they still hold up? This panel will focus on those obscure 90s cartoons; the ones mostly forgotten, yet fondly remembered by a few. This panel will take a closer look and show how they still entertain today and deserved to be watched. Come get some recommendations, rediscover a few gems, and realize that, yes, it was real, not a fever dream.
Macro/Micro Meet & Greet. 
A panel for those big and small and every size between! A perfect place to meet those into size differences.
Two Old Furry Fans Q & A
Rod and I tell stories about our experiences being fans of animal characters and the origins of furry fandom from our perspective. We answer questions from the audience throughout the presentation. We have visuals to show if a projector/screen is available, but it is not required.
Try Not to Laugh: Bay Area Edition!
Finally, the Bay Area will be introduced to the funniest panel known to fur, Try Not to Laugh!
Pokemon and Digimon Meet and Greet Pokemon and Digimon fans can link up at this meet and greet and have fun!
IRL Lap Dancing 101!
Come learn how to move your body to the music, and engage with the lap that's before you! No experience necessary! You may have attended her classes in VRChat, or seen her perform. Now's your chance to see what it's like in real life. Negotiate consent, gyrate for your lap, and bring a smile to their face. Pairs are encouraged, but we'll also support pairing up whomever comes solo with each other. If we do it right, convention parties will never be the same~~ By attending this class, be prepared to dance, and to be danced on. If you do decide to observe, you'll be observing only Scarlett's demonstration (to minimize performance anxiety, each lap & dancer will be focused on each other). See you there! XD
Clap your paws and swing that tail! Intro to Lindy Hop
Lindy Hop as a dance traces its origins back to the Jazz and Swing era of the 1920’s and 1930’s United States, and it has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent decades. Lindy Hop is a form of social dance that is lead-and-followed - meaning that moves are not choreographed ahead of time! Come and learn some basic steps and the fundamentals of partner dancing. You are not required to come with a dance partner to participate.
Drunk lawyers AMA
Have a legal question you have always wanted to ask? Curious about how the legal system works? Considering law school? Come and join a collection of three or more people who are technically attorneys as we answer questions and tell stories. Nothing said during this panel should be taken as legal advice.
50 Years of Disney's Robin Hood
November of 2023 is the 50th anniversary of one of the hallmarks of Furry Fandom, Disney Animation's 1973 film The Adventures of Robin Hood. Come learn about how it was made, its difficulties, its innovations, and its enduring legacy to Disney, to animation, and of course to Furries everywhere.
Animation Production 101
Ever wondered how your favorite animated films got made? Want to know what it takes to get a job making drawings come alive? Then join this panel where we'll cover the production pipeline for all types of animation, from "All Dogs Go To Heaven" to "Zootopia+" and explore career paths in the animation industry.
Furry Author & Publisher Meet and Greet
Meet authors and publishers in the fandom. Be sure to bring samples and QR codes if you have them. Hosted by Tradjen, the Operations Manager for Rossi Publishing Games.
Printmaking and rubberstamp creation with our GOH
Join our GOH in learning how printmaking is done, and creating rubberstamps. Enjoy a guided session on how to produce your own products. Supplies provided for a hands on learning experience. Creating includes using tools that may be extremely sharp, caution when handling is advised.
World Building
Building a furry world? Easy Building a believable furry world? No quite easy. Learn how to build a believable world from Tradjen, the Operations Manager for Rossi Publishing Games (RPG) and one of the creators of the Terah Game World. He'll provide tricks including geography, suspension of disbelief, monolith construction, and illusionary depth.
Tabletop Roleplaying Game Design
Learn from Tradjen's mistakes. While helping design the game world for Terah and as working as the Operations Manager for Rossi Publishing Games (RPG), he's learned a lot about works and what doesn't.
Navigating Publishing
It's a jungle out there and some of the monsters out there will steal your money. Tradjen, the Operations Manager for Rossi Publishing Games (RPG), has been working in an around the publishing industry for almost 40 years. Get your burning publishing questions answered and learn how to navigate agents, developmental editors, and copyright. He'll also talk about what publishers are looking for and the possible future of the industry.
It Came from the Slush Pile: Folklore and Stories about Publishing
If you've ever found a typo in a published work and wondered how it was missed, there might be a good reason for it. Listen to Tradjen tell stories from his time in publishing. He'll talk about superstitions and "tradjity."