PAWCon 2021 now offers 4 registration membership levels, all of which give access to the new Snack Social. At Con prices are listed below.

Pre-Reg is now closed!

Ration coupons may be redeemed in this years new exclusive Snack Social. Snacks and drinks are available to be redeemed for 2 ration coupons per item. Due to limited supply juices are 3 Ration Coupons. There will be a selection of cookies, brownies, chips, granola bars, as well as sodas at the Snack Social Kiosk.

For those who can’t make the whole weekend event, there are day passes available at $30 each day

MATTE ($60) POLISHED ($85) SPARKLY ($115) SHINY ($165)
Full weekend attendance. 2 ration coupons MATTE
Prior Level Plus Polo Shirt. 4 ration coupons
Prior Level Plus Lunch Pail. 6 ration coupons
Prior Level Plus exclusive cocktail reception, and dedicated Shiny only badge pick-up line. 8 ration coupons

Parents with children under 16 years of age must attend with their kids. Minors aged 16 & 17 must have a notarized letter from their parents in order to attend on their own.