Welcome to underPAW
10pm-2am Saturday, Entrance @ San Carlos City Room Foyer

PAW's newest venture is to bring a dedicated space for 18+ folks to hang out in a welcoming, judgement free atmosphere while embracing their more adult side of interests. Whether just a more adult version of fursuiting, pupping out, showing off more of your kinky side with rubber or harnesses, or being on leash with your handler, all are welcome to this multi-room area laid out to facilitate freedom of espression of your interests.

In addition to a more free form of being, there will be DJ'd low key chill music area, a pup mosh area, general social space, and some adult oriented merchandise for sale. We will also be presenting a few door prizes to some lucky winners at midnight.

For your convenience there will be a bag check area just inside the entrance so you can shed your outer social norm wear and be more free to show your wild side.

underPAW is taking over the San Carlos, San Juan, San Martin, & San Simeon city rooms, plus foyer area that host panels during the day with almost 6,000sqft of space. Easily located on the parking lot side behind registration and the main elevators.

Rules of underPAW

  • Nudity is not allowed. Crotch, Butt, and reasonably interpreted Female Breast areas must be covered. This means no sexual acts, and no exposure of genitals.
  • Consent and respect is sexy. Do not assume, ask before engaging with another person, and respect their boundaries.
  • underPAW allows for social interaction with freedom of expression for your kinks, alternative adult interests, etc. You need to take any serious intimate engagement to your private room.
  • Alcohol is not allowed in the underPAW spaces.
  • ID and Event Badges will be strictly enforced, make sure to bring them with you in order to enter.
  • Wearing of fetish/alternative interest/kink gear is permitted inside the underPAW space, but you must wear reasonably appropriate streetwear around other spaces within the hotel when arriving to, or departing from underPAW. A bag check area will be staffed to facilitate your ability to engage in your interests during underPAW.
  • No shoes, hardware (watches, jewelry, etc), or sharp/pointy things on the mats in the pupmosh area. Remember to hydrate, and wearing protective gear is encouraged.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What can I wear inside underPAW? You may wear items of fetish, gear, kink, etc that reflects your interests. This can be many things, for example: rubber catsuits, pup gear, littles clothing, harnesses, bondage gear, and much more. You only need to be aware that naughty bits must be covered, and may not be exposed during the event, including no sheaths or other representations of private organs.
    I'm coming to, or going from underPAW through other parts of the hotel and it says I need "street clothes", what exactly is acceptable? Street clothes essentially means that outside of the underPAW event itself you should be wearing the same type of clothing you would at any other normal time that is socially acceptable. An example would be wearing a t-shirt and shorts/pants over your rubber, or other gear. Harnesses should also be underneath shirts/coats.
    I hear there is going to be a bag check. What is that for, and how will it work? Is it safe? The bag check is being provided as a way for those coming to underPAW to be able to bring items of gear with them to wear during the event, and to shed their street clothes in a safe manner during the event. After entering the event a con volunteer will accept your bag after you've completed your transformation and provide you with a unique token corresponding to you bag that you will be able to present when you are ready to claim your bag. The bag check will only be accessed by convention workers to assure bags are only collected by their appropriate token holders.