PAW '24: The AF-TAUR Life

Nov 8-10 2024

San Jose, CA DoubleTree Hotel


Life got you down? Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the live-a-day world? Have we got the place for you! Join us in the ultimate destination conveniently located across the river styx, in The AF-TUAR life.

Pay the furryman your two bits, and take the ferry across to the ancient underworld (Tuartarus), the greatest gathering of lively souls around. The asphodel meadows will accept travelers from Nov 7th thru Nov 10th, 2024 in the Doubletree Hotel. Join distinguished individuals in elysium for undying parties friday and saturday nights. Come to the depths of Hades for underPAW on saturday night. Visit the shopping district and barter for merchandise from the mortal realm, but don’t forget to explore offerings to the gods with music & dance, and learn from the greatest philosifurs in the PAWcademy.

Follow the links below to register, and reserve your room in a fire and brimstone free hotel.