To our Community and Friends,

Given the recent parade of announcements from our fellow furry conventions concerning COVID-19 and its impact on our events … you already know, unfortunately, what we’re going to say.

We are sad to announce that PAWCon will not take place for 2020.

There really isn’t a good way to host a convention right now that is both as safe as it needs to be and as fun as we all want it to be. Rather than host a heavily compromised event this year, the Board of Directors conducted serious discussions with our contract partners and agreed the best thing to do this year is postpone.

We look forward to seeing you for PAWCon 2021, from the 4th to the 7th of November! Meanwhile, for this year:

Registration: We will automatically carry forward all paid pre-registrations to PAWCon 2021. If you would like to donate your 2020 registration to help us defray our costs, please E-mail us at, and we’ll be happy to help.

Hotel reservations: The Doubletree will cancel all 2020 room reservations and will refund any deposits already paid.

Dealers: If you have already been confirmed and paid for a table in our Shopping District for 2020, we will carry that forward to 2021. If you would like to change your arrangements or cancel your table, please E-mail

Keep yourselves safe, stay strong, and we’ll make it through this together.

Warmest regards,

PAWCon’s Board and Staff members



The Department of Civil Socialization is pleased to announce a weekend social event to bring a little cheer to your humdrum lives in these trying times.


PAW2020: The HomeFuront will happen Aug. 20th-23rd 2020


Registration has 4 levels, starting at $40 and opens Feb 17th @ 10am