PAWCon 2020 FAQ

Why change the dates of PAWCon at all?

A: The main factors come down to our capability to survive as a small convention in the face of a changing landscape due to Covid-19 with the movement of one of the world’s largest furry conventions right on top of our normal dates. Many of us will need to watch our budgets, or may not have the time off to attend both events. This makes it a difficult decision to choose one event over the other if they are on consecutive weekends. We have to take into account the ability to fill our room block and catering obligations, or pay directly for any attrition in addition to the normal costs of running the weekend event. After much deliberation, we decided to move our dates due to the risk of those potential costs. This gives us the best chance at hosting a successful weekend, while staying away from the events of early 2020 without being too close to another convention.

Why aren’t you postponing the event?

A: We have contractual obligations for 2020 that we must fulfill, or we pay significant penalties. We also do not fall under any current regulatory order that would prevent us from going ahead with our event. We can move this year’s date around within the year, but could not simply choose to wait until next year. These were the best dates that were available for us and our venue.

What about Covid-19?

A: We will continue to follow developments as the course of the public health crisis evolves, including all recommended health practices, and regulatory orders that may arise.

We take the health and safety of everyone participating in our event seriously, and as such plan to work with the hotel to take all necessary precautions to properly sanitize public spaces throughout the day according to established CDC guidelines. We will also do whatever we can within our ability to assist attendees in maintaining safe practices and cleanliness during the event.

What if I don’t feel comfortable attending?

A: While we are doing everything within our abilities to ensure the safest environment possible, we understand that personal health takes priority over attending events. We are committed to working with anyone who is not able to attend this year that may have already paid for registration in migrating your registration to next year.

What are you doing in communal areas to minimize risk?

A: We are working with the hotel to ensure that public spaces including ballrooms, panel rooms, and other convention areas are sanitized and cleaned regularly. We also are keeping up with regulatory recommendations on proper spacing and social distancing as restrictions are updated. We will be working to utilize the space available in the ballroom, panel rooms, and balcony of the party floor to maximize capacity while ensuring reasonable distance and access to the events. We will also continue to work with the hotel and our vendors to find and consider additional alternative options to accommodate the weekend’s events.

As we are a small con, we have a greater capacity to work with the spacing needs to help maintain a safe environment, while assessing capacity needs and adjusting accordingly in real time. As we receive updated guidance from regulatory authorities we will incorporate those changes into our event planning. We ask for your cooperation at any point that we may need to make such adjustments.

What about hotel rooms?

A: The good news is that the price of rooms haven’t changed in the move. The per night rate will remain fixed at $159 up to the maximum number of occupants per room. The standard cancellation policies remain in place.

How can I help?

A: First of all, stay well! On a personal level we encourage you to continue to follow CDC guidelines in handwashing and promoting responsible personal behaviour, both now and at the event. On top of the 6-2-1 rule, which applies now more than ever, also practice safer physical interactions during the event. If you see an issue that needs our attention please notify a staff member immediately so we can quickly respond.

To help the convention be successful this year and continuing years, we would be very grateful if those who cannot, or choose not to attend due to personal safety concerns, consider helping out by giving a donation, or by buying a supporting non-attending membership.

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