Below are the panels for this year, feel free to browse the descriptions and attend as you wish. Panel times are listed on the main events schedule listing.

Autism The Misunderstood – A Panel about Autism and how it manifests itself in school, the workplace, and social aspects. This panel is aimed at explaining the facts, myths, and overall information everyone should know about Autism. It will begin with How it manifests, general timeline of how the condition became known, and towards the end provide statistics of what it means for our world, Employment Opportunities targeted towards these individuals and What you should look for when encountering someone on the spectrum and how to handle different situations that may arise.

Dinofurs! – Those who have a Jurassic park licensed mattel product Dinosaur Mask come along for the ride! Meet others just like you! To learn to enjoy life as is! Snacks and activities will be awaiting your arrival! Wanna make a Tiktok? Tots! Let’s do it!

Transformation with Mythimorph and Inanimorphs – Join TF artists Mythimorph (Andraconix) and historian Inanimorphs (TransformARTive) as they discuss the topic of transformation. From a history of shapeshifting in art and fiction to the modern furry fandom, learn the diverse interests of why one likes transformations into powerful dragons the other likes transformation into inanimate objects.

Morning Yoga with Rainshadow – We’ll do a brief little yoga session to help stretch out & maybe relax a bit. Bring a hotel towel or a yoga pad if you have one, and loose clothing. All abilities and experience levels welcome!

Pup Mosh Hosted by South Bay Pups – An event for pups attending PawCon who wish to gather and romp around, and socialize. All-inclusive atmosphere for a howling good time! 18+ only. This mosh is run by the South Bay Pups, who have recently started hosting events in the south bay area.

Bariki Lives On – This panel is a time for all those who knew and loved Bariki to meet, talk about memories, and celebrate the life that was Bariki. Bring your stories, fond memories, and keep the spirit of Bariki alive in all of us.

Friends Furever – An open invite memorial panel to honor and remember those who have departed this life. Please feel free to bring photos in pictureframes to be put on the table. This is an open schedule event, feel free to attend as much or little as your comfort level permits.