As the pandemic begins shifting into it’s endemic phase we are continuing to take steps to maintain healthy, safe spaces for all attendees during the convention. Our policies are aligned with other sizable community gatherings and may change as guidance from the CDC, CDPH, and any relevant health agency is updated. Here is what to expect.


• PAWcon requires at least the original vacination series, and highly encourages attendees for the 2023 event to meet the CDC definition of up to date vaccination. The CDC defines up to date as having received the most recent booster available, there is a booster shot tool on the above linked CDC webpage to help people determine if they are up to date. All attendees will be required to show CDC or state issued proof of vaccination, or WHO recognized records for those coming from outside the United States. Documentation will be required at registration in order to collect your badge. If you do not have the required vaccination, or cannot provide aforementioned proof of vaccination you will not be allowed into any convention controlled spaces, including public spaces otherwise controlled by the convention.

•Vaccination Requirements:

Vaccination proof must show all of the following information that will be matched against a government issued identification.

  1. Attendee’s legal name, and date of birth.

  2. Vaccine brand, and date of each vaccination/booster.

Proof of vaccination in physical or digital formats such as the following are acceptable.

  1. Physical CDC card, photo, a scan, or photocopy of a physical CDC card.

  2. State digital vaccination record providing it shows the above mentioned required information.

  3. Healthcare provider documentation providing it shows the above mentioned required information.

  4. WHO recognized physical or digital documentation for foreign attendees that is acceptable in their home country.

The only exemptions currently accepted are for medically documented reasons, or for attendees below the age of vaccination as described in this CDC link.

• If you no longer meet one, or more of the following attestations within 21 days before the first day of con, you are not to attend the event without first sending an email to so con organizers can provide an exception, a refund, or movement of membership to the following year.

  1. I, nor anyone in my household, have any of the following symptoms: sore throat, chills, body aches for unknown reasons, shortness of breath for unknown reasons, loss of smell, loss of taste, fever at or greater than 100° F (37° C).

  2. I, nor anyone in my household, have tested positive for COVID‑19.

  3. I, to the best of my knowledge, have not been in close proximity to any individual who tested positive for COVID‑19.

  4. I do not have any reason to believe myself or anyone in my household has been exposed to or acquired COVID‑19.

  5. • Masks are highly encouraged for all attendees in publicly accessed convention spaces at all times, including under the heads of fursuits, and in the headless lounge when fursuit heads are removed. Masks should meet CDC guidelines whether fabric, or disposable. Be aware that Bandanas, Gaiters, balaclavas, and other such cloth coverings are not considered adequate face coverings. Further masking guidelines provided by the CDC can be found here.

    • We are working with the hotel that all common use convention spaces will receive a thorough sanitizing routine each night after convention hours close. We will provide general use hand sanitizing units throughout general con space during open hours. We will periodically perform small breaks between programming schedules to do a sanitizing run on high traffic touch surfaces in con spaces.

    • Outside our convention spaces please follow all rules of the hotel and restaurants.

    • We remind you that if you feel under the weather, stay home. Take care of yourself and you help take care of your community. No one wants to be “that person”.

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