As we come out of the pandemic and look forward to in person socialization again, we are taking extra steps to maintain healthy, safe spaces for all attendees during the convention. Our policies may change as guidance from the CDC and the State of California is updated. Here is what to expect.

• Attendees will be required to certify that they are fully vaccinated. Please bring whatever documentation you can.
• If you meet one of the State of California vaccination exemptions, proof of a NEGATIVE COVID-19 test performed not more than 72 hours prior to first attendance of the convention is required.
• We are working with the hotel that all common use convention spaces will receive a thorough sanitization routine each night after convention hours close.
• We will provide general use hand sanitizing units throughout general con space during open hours.
• We will periodically perform small breaks between programming schedules to do a sanitizing run on high traffic touch surfaces in con spaces.
• We remind you that if you feel under the weather, stay home. Take care of yourself and you help take care of your community. No one wants to be “that person”.
• Wash your hands regularly, participate to your comfort level, wear a mask if you wish (or as required by the CDC or State of California).