The Parties

PAWCon 2018 proudly presents this year’s party floor lineup.

Our party floor is for our visitors 18 years of age and older.
Con badge and valid I.D. will be checked upon entry to the party floor.
Wristbands to allow serving of alcoholic beverages will be distributed to guests 21 years of age and older.
Please be responsible and have fun!

Keep your eyes on this page! More parties to come as they are confirmed this week.

The Black Hole
At long last, the infamous Klingon Recreational Outpost known as The Black Hole will be at PAWCon!
With Klingon Blood Wine, Phaser Shots, Warp Core Coolant on tap.
The specialty of the bar is REVENGE – “A drink best served COLD”

For PAWCon attendees, we have an exclusive drink – the “paw-Khan!”

Dumpster Debauchery
We’d like to welcome Dumpster Debauchery to our party floor for the first time. This two room party will host an array of top notch DJs, libations, patio chill space, and dedicated plush snuggle / chill room. Local party veterans are coming together to bring you a “Chirrific” event that only a qualified shiny addicted and somewhat trashy raccoon could orchestrate.

The Pizza Party
Music, food & drink! Hosted by Tau & Katja with DJ Konik

Psychedelic Cuddle Puddle 18+
Come cuddle, lay, chill, relax, wiggle, pet, play, melt, boop, roll around, grind, and generally be fuzzy. Water, gummy bears and suckers will be served.
Friday and Saturday, 8:00pm ’till whenever.

Space Camp Launch Party
Get ready for launch with DJ’s and cocktails out of this world! For a special prize make sure to wear a space costume or garment! Party is Saturday on the party floor.
More info at

Egg Waffle Party!
Will be out on the balcony handing out shareable snacks to people. Egg waffles is a common Hong Kong street snack! Just follow your nose to find us! 🙂

Bay Area Science Fiction Association
Klingons, Foxes and Drinks, oh my! Come hang out with fellow fans of science fiction. Grab a drink, grab a snack, chill out to good music and make a new friend! Friday and Saturday, 8 til late!

Paw Pals
3 Silly furs who realized that PAWCon is the best time for Paw celebration! Join us for a relaxed party with good paw themed drinks and space to hang out and cuddle up! Party will be held on Saturday.

All your party are belong to us!
Yo, dawg, I heard you like epic parties so we put an epic party in your epic party floor. You can haz many drinks and join is as we revisit some once popular memes.
Much booze, many fun, very party, WOW!
I herd u liek to try some chocolate rain or order a cinnamon challenge. Or if you feel particularly courageous, rush into battle with an ice cold LEEEEEROY JENKINS!
Sat 7pm till late, room 261
Keep calm and make dank memes!