The Panels

What is a convention without ample panels for people to explore novel and interesting concepts? We love our panelists and appreciate the blood, sweat, and (sometimes) tears that go into running a panel at our convention.


Panels are located in the San Jose room located on the ground floor behind the pool


Furry Price Is Right (6-8pm)

Have you seen “The price is right” before? Now you can live the dream!

Furry Meet & Greet (8-10pm)

Come, dear attendee, to our fantastic Meet & Greet where you can meet other furries: I’m sure they’d love to meet you!


Flying the Coop: Real Estate Advice for Furs (10am-Noon)

The single most important life decision that any couple, or individual, will have to make in life is whether, and when, to buy real estate. It is almost as life altering as taking out student loans. Come and listen to the experts talk about the subject.

Hoofurs (Noon-2pm)

Equine furries and friends show up and enjoy a panel on hooved furries!

Human Pup Play Introduction (2pm-3pm)

Interested in Pup Play but want to learn a lot about it? This panel is what you’re looking for! Come listen to our panel of experts on the subject matter and learn if it is right for you!

Diagnostic Software Architecture (3pm-4pm)

Learn ways to spot bad software architecture.

Young Furs Meet & Greet (4pm-5:30pm)

Are you a young fur? Would you like to meet other young furs? This panel was made specifically for you!

Unexpected Events in the Fandom (5:30pm-6:30pm)

Every fandom has unexpected events. Ours just so happen to be more dramatic than others. Come, join us as our wonderful panelists recount the unforeseeable events of yesteryear!

The Mystery of the Furry Fandom (6:30pm-8pm)

The furry fandom is largely a mystery. Sure, it was an offshoot of Science Fiction, but what exactly about the fandom lends itself to people joining our ranks? Why mysteries await you at this panel? Come and see!

Pup Social, Hosted by PAWcon (8pm-10pm)

Handlers, pups, friends, explorers, all are welcome to come have a little play, woof aloud, and socialize with like minds in an open, inclusive, neutrally established space. Plenty of things to get up to including raffle prizes, now who wants a treat? 18+, bring ID, no nudity.

Kink & Care (10pm-midnight)

Kink and Care is a Kink discussion panel in which attendees of all backgrounds, identities and experience levels can participate. This 18+ Panel will cover various consensual kinks and help answer questions, bust myths and allow folks to share experiences in a safe non judgmental environment. This panel will be ran by Stormy Kittyhawk and Toby Snow Wolf.


Squeak! Inflatables Invade (11am-1pm)

The squeaky invasion is upon us, and our polyvinyl chloride overlords are here.

Build a Living World of Fiction & RPG (2:30pm-3:30pm)

Do you fancy yourself a writer or creator of all things RPG? Join us at this wonderful panel where we discuss the intricacies involved in making a world that feels real and alive.