——Guest of Honor——

Each tale starts with a stroke, a pen stroke to be precise my dear reader, and there is one that is positively amazing. Our Guest of Honor this year is none other than the prolific Ryan Campbell.

—Ryan Campbell—

Ryan Campbell has been involved in the furry fandom for 20 years as both a fan and a writer. He has contributed to ROAR, X, New Fables, and Abandoned Places, and is the author of The Fire Bearers trilogy. Other published books include Koa of the Drowned Kingdom and Smiley and the Hero.
Currently, he is working on multiple projects, including the conclusion to The Fire Bearers, a sequel to Koa of the Drowned Kingdom, and instructs at the Regional Anthropomorphic Writers’ Retreat (RAWR) for furry writers.

 His personal website is www.thependrake.com/
His Goodreads page is www.goodreads.com/RyanCampbell