The Dances

Every great convention has fantastic evening dances its attendees to enjoy, and PAWCon is no exception. We’ve worked hard to assemble the best ensemble of DJ’s, lighting specialists, and sound engineers to ensure our dances are the best that they can be. We hope you come to the dance and have an awesome time!

—Our DJ Lineup—

Friday Night
9:30p-10:30p – DJ Hatsune
10:30p-11:30p – Konik
11:30p-12:30a – Ikkuma

Saturday Night
9:30p-10:30p – DJ Nightkat
10:30p – 11:30p – Berry Bass
11:30p-12:30a – Bagel Tiger

Sunday Night
7p-8p – Sean Bass/Velvet Da Pimp Cat B2B NeonBunny
8p-9p – Robbie
9p-10p – Phoxwit
10p-11p – Lycan Catt