“My dearest family, fans, and friends, I, Zelon Husk the Sixteenth, welcome you to the grand opening of Superstation 9-K! The amenities we offer this year exceed everything our most visionary forefathers imagined while they rebuilt the earth nearly two millennia ago, yet we suffer the same shortages of fearless volunteers that they did. Even as they reached to the stars, they needed the help of those brave few who lent them their ears, rolled up their sleeves, and volunteered to help them bring their vision to life. So it is in the spirit of our forefathers intelligence and courage that I reach out to you, my beloved fans, and implore you to help us conquer our need for helping hands the same way your forefathers did: by volunteering.
Thank you.” —Zelon Husk XVI, CEO of PAWForce Industries.

With the wild success of PAWForce 2016, we are excited to announce PAWForce 2017. Thank you to everyone who attended, staffed, and/or volunteered since none of this would have been possible without you. Now, with the earth rebuilt after the zombie apocalypse of ’16, we gaze into the far flung future to a time of alien races, galactic empires, and technology that appears to break the fundamental rules of the universe. Our theme this year is: To Sirius and Beyond! Grab your spacesuit and soar into the heavens.

Zelon Husk XVI’s latest project, Superstation 9-K, is looking for those courageous enough to help us run and staff the space station for the first four days when it opens its doors to the galaxy in November. The teleporter to Superstation 9-K is housed in the storied San Jose Double Tree hotel. If you think you can help us open the space station, please click this link and fill out the form:

If you are interested in volunteering and being on staff with us, click the link below and fill out the application.


Earn a FREE MEMBERSHIP for the following year!
(Please read Volunteer and Staffing Policies below)

Volunteer and Staffing Policies

  • Normal registration fees apply for the initial year.
  • Members must complete a minimum of 8 hours during the con to be eligible for free membership in the following year.
  • Staff are designated by being leads, supervisors and by taking active part in staff planning. All other positions will be considered volunteer.
  • All members MUST sign in & sign out each shift at con-ops. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of those hours worked.
  • Hours worked for loading-in or loading-out count as double time (i.e. 2 hours worked = 4 hours).
  • Free membership is valid for a regular attendance level in the following year.