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“A desert creature at heart, Keovi can be found somewhere along the southern coast of California, surrounded by art supplies and cacti. Known for her bright palette, she enjoys traveling to different counties, countries, and cons, to record these experiences with her trusty pocket-palette and brush pen.  She discovered the fandom (by way of Yerf and subsequently VCL) in ’98 off a university dialup connection, and she’s still around making apparel, comics, and paintings for the fandom! With a background in animation and traditional media, Keovi revels in bringing that experience to furry art, where she hopes to get paintbrushes into more hands (or paws, or claws, or…whatevers)!”—Keovi

She has been creating furry art for quite a while now, and has built an impressive following over the years. She has a knack for creating salable artwork and offers it across several different forms of media ranging from but not limited to various forms of apparel (shirts, boxers), to door hangers, to prints, to original artworks, and much, much more.


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It was a bright, cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen. Laughably, a ferret had been made guest of honor at PAWCON, and the board of directors stocked up on libations for the thirsty mustelid. Indeed you heard right, the top hat wearing giant of a ferret has been made GoH of the very con you are attending. Knowing the Director of Programing had asked him to write something about himself in this book, the ferret got to work! Easygoing as he was, Alkali jumped at the chance to put his pen to paper. The sounds of frantic scribbling could be heard through his home as he wrote facts on his very being. “Excellent cook, host of whose lion, mate to Xander the blue, HUGE fan of D&D, and all things LARPing. Quaint, kind, tall, and loud finished his description that all attendees would see. Unabashed by his description, the ferret sat back in his chair elated to be finished with the arduous task of describing himself. I know what you are asking, “why would Alkali write the story of him writing his entry rather than writing the entry himself”? Lament not my friends, for the true description of Alkali lies in one simple step. All you have to do is read the first letter of every sentence.

Alkali is an art connoisseur, avid fursuiter, and co-host of both Whose Lion is it Anyway?, and The Dragget Show. When he isn’t acting as the chairman for the Fur Squared convention, he can usually be found attending conventions or donating his expertise to various non-profits marketing campaigns.