The Grand Bazaar

“Dear prospective merchants of Superstation 9-K’s Grand Bazaar, I, Zelon Husk the Sixteenth, throw open my doors to your most noble enterprise of offering services and wares to those who attend the grand opening. It is my most humble desire to work paw in paw to offer every opportunity to you and yours to bring commodity and consumer together. My dedicated staff has presented me many options with which to offer, and they never cease to amaze me with their tireless efforts to bring the very best to you. I invite you to peruse the amenities we will be offering this year.
Thank you.”—Zelon Husk XVI, CEO of PAWForce Industries.

Welcome to the Grand Bazaar of Superstation 9-K where products and services from around the universe are bought and sold for galactic currency (USD). For the dealers, the pricing for space and rules for selling products and/or services are listed below. For the attendees, the link to the list of registered dealers will be offered below.

The current list of dealers is to be announced, but we hope to offer a bigger and better selection of options to both our dealers and attendees.

Half Table

Full Table

(Limited Supply)

Power Drop
(Limited Supply)





A Half Table is a 2′ by 4′ (Square Footage) space, with 4′ behind. This is half a full table and will be shared with another vendor. This option is ideal for vendors with either compact, or vertical displays. Vendors with a smaller selection may be more interested in this option.
A Full Table is a 2′ by 8′ (Square Footage) space, with 4′ behind. This table is dedicated to a single vendor. This option is ideal for vendors with either a great deal of merchandise to sell, or products that require a great deal of horizontal space. Vendors selling larger products may be interested in this option.

A Booth is a 8′ (Square Footage) space that does not have a table at all. It is intended for vendors whom want to set up walk-in spaces, but it is a versatile space that can be used in many exciting ways. Vendors who have constructions that start at ground level may be interested in this option. We have very limited booths, so please apply for one at your earliest convenience.

A Power Drop is a power cable running from either the ceiling or some other area with the intention of giving you electrical power. Vendors who have electronic displays or whom require electricity will be interested in this option. We have limited power drops, so please apply for one at your earliest convenience.

Our at-a-glance dealers room policy:

Can I sell it?

1. It’s legal for you to sell it (not merely *have* it) — e.g., no marijuana even if you have a “green card”.
2. Neither the hotel nor the convention needs any permit or license for you to sell it. If *you* need a permit or license for whatever reason (including sales tax permits), make sure you have it with you just in case — e.g., licensed massage therapist offering 5-minute chair massages, say.
3. Neither the hotel nor the convention needs to supply any special equipment other than a table, chairs, and optional power (although we can work with you if it’s not something too crazy and you cover the cost).
4. What you’re selling doesn’t directly compete with either the hotel or the convention — don’t sell food, for example, because that hurts the hotel’s own sales.
5. Nothing you sell interferes with the ability of other dealers to showcase and sell their wares — if you sell fog machines, for example, don’t have one running. If you sell music, don’t be blaring it. If your items are large or copious, don’t block the aisles.
6. If anything you sell is adult-oriented, make sure your display makes such things 100% “opt-in”. Any customers or passers-by should have to make a specific, known effort to see them (open a book, open a box, etc.) and not see them by accident (keep a separate “adult” print book, clearly labelled as such, for example). Whatever makes the item “adult” should be additionally covered to prevent accidental exposure (Post-Its on the naughty bits, e.g.). Minors should not be able to see anything adult, period, under any circumstances.
7. Nothing you sell has any realistic potential to hurt anyone, bring the hotel or convention into disrepute, or otherwise cause the hotel or convention any liability whatsoever — e.g., no weapons of any kind.
8. You actually own what you’re selling. If you’re selling any art for someone else, have something from them in writing saying that they’re allowing you to do this. Don’t sell anything that violates someone else’s copyright.
9. Don’t “sub-let” any portion of your dealer’s table without going through Convention staff.
10. Convention staff may impose additional restrictions if it is necessary to do so.