A Message from the Con-Chair

Two years ago, the Furry community suffered a terrible disaster. They were hit with an invasion of zombie-like creatures that gorged on the furry brains of a majority of the community. A small number of intelligent furs adapted and survived the attack, forming small settlements that were few and far between. By 2016, the invasion had subsided and the survivors began gathering together to rebuild. Accompanying the reconstruction, a great conglomerate began to take shape; PAWForce Industries. Their engineering expertise helped bring the world to a new, improved state. They oversaw many great construction projects such as Terrier Square in New York City and the resort towns dotted throughout the coast of Florida. Word spread across the globe of PAWForce’s powerful innovations and with it their stately CEO Zelon Husk, a badger from the west coast, quickly rose to celebrity status. His eccentric behavior catalyzed his popularity and he began to be recognized for his key role in the rebuilding of Earth. When he was certain he’d created a sustainable system that was accepted by society, he set his sights on the stars. Using recovered data and research, he built a fleet of space shuttles capable of transporting furs and supplies to an existing space station orbiting Earth.

As the years went on, PAWForce quickly built some of the most wondrous breakthroughs of space travel. The EM Drive was presented to the world in 2020 making travel to Mars possible. By 2050, they had invented a warp drive capable making the journey to Mars in a matter of days instead of months. PAWForce engineers were always at the forefront of emerging technologies and were constantly refining their products, designs and ideas for the world. Interstellar space travel was achieved by 3100 and many long voyages were made to explore our universe as well as establish some of the first colonies on the outskirts of our solar system. From there, inhabitants once from our planet, quickly spread out to other planets and solar systems.

By 4017 PAWForce, now run by Zelon Husk XVI, decided it was about time to get the organization back to its roots. He knew there were many improvements that could be made to existing space station designs and started planning to build one in a distant solar system. Zelon wanted this new SuperStation to be centrally located in the established universe to better connect a society based in space. Alpha Centauri was the chosen star system to build the new SuperStation, and construction began swiftly as Zelon knew the potential such an engineering marvel could have. Finally, after years of hard work, they are ready to open the airlocks of their greatest creation. SuperStation 9-K is set to be the most technologically advanced space station ever built. It will be a hub of commerce, a gathering place for friends, and home to all that come. So it is with our great pleasure to invite you to the grand opening, November 03, 2017 (4017).

So pack your spacesuits and register for this once in a lifetime event!

PAWCon Vice President Board, 2017 Con-Chair

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